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Crysagi Systems is an artificial intelligence consulting company. We help organisations explore practical applications of their data with machine learning.

Our Founder

A scientist by training and an entrepreneur by nature, Satish founded Crysagi Systems and is currently building it. Satish realized that the machine learning research was full of business opportunities. He set out to build a new approach of knowledge transfer where we can help companies find business opportunities that exist at the intersection of their existing data and machine learning research.

What We Do

AI Strategy

The research in the field of machine intelligence is progressing rapidly but on a practical front organizations still don’t know a lot about applying machine learning to solve real-world business problems. Today Organizations have varying degrees of maturity in their ability and readiness to make the transition into an AI-powered enterprise.

For any AI endeavor to be successful, simply having the best data or writing the most cutting-edge algorithm won’t make it happen. It requires a sound business strategy, a rigorous discovery process and AI education programs.

Our strategic consulting practice helps clients achieve better performance through data. We identify key areas where AI solutions will have maximum impact on your business through educational workshops and strategic roadmap planning. Our teams of consultants, data scientists, and engineers work together with clients to identify opportunities, assess available data, define solutions and prepare roadmap planning to build AI capabilities.

Our approach


We will explain and discuss the current AI landscape and explore a common understanding of what’s possible.


We will work with clients to build a broad range of potential solutions and identify quick wins that can capture immediate value for your business.


We take a sample of the data and create a proof of concept. This PoC demonstrates the viability of the use case, showing how actionable, impactful results can be achieved from the application of AI.


We then develop a roadmap to transform your business with AI.




If you’re ready to take the next step, get in touch to start building your strategic AI roadmap. hello@crysagi.com.

You can also visit us at -
Crysagi Systems Pvt. Ltd.
C-101/9A, Pune IT Park,
34 Aundh road, Bhau Patil Marg,
Bopodi, Pune - 411 020. India